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Video: Living On Your Own

Whether you’re an individual with I.D.D seeking independent living, a caregiver exploring supportive housing options, or a passionate advocate wanting to help others, this video is designed to equip you with the tools you need to navigate the complex world of housing.

Throughout this video, we will cover the importance of cleaning your home, and precautions to take when cleaning with chemicals.

Remember, you are not alone in this journey. There is a vibrant and compassionate community ready to support you every step of the way.

Cooking on Your Own

Amy: “My advice to people out in the world is to go sign up for a cooking class and they’ll teach you how to learn how to cook.”

George: “How I went to cooking class was when I first did it at OSLP.”

Glenn: “I mostly eat heat-and-eat it’s not usually, doesn’t really require a lot of cooking.”

Lonney: “I like steaks, taco salad, something easy.”

What do you do to keep your home clean?

Lonney: “Well I usually clean my apartment like Saturday, Sunday, whenever. Look, look around to see if the carpet is dirty, and see if there is anything on the paint on the walls. Make sure the toilet is working, the heat is working.”

Amy: “I vacuum, I sweep, I mop, wiping down the windows, I use a rag and some Clorox to clean things.”

George: “Dishes and garbage, usually, and recycling are usually taken down by me.”

Why is keeping a clean home important?

Glenn: “You don’t want your house to smell and look bad and everything, so yeah.”

Amy: “Keeping the house clean is important because, what if there is a fire hazard, and there is a fire in the house, how do you get out?”

George: “You can get mold on your dishes or certain areas that you don’t want it to be in.”

Cleaning is important for your general well-being and hygiene. Regular scheduled cleaning reduces the probability of mold pests and other safety concerns.

Cleaning supplies and basic household items to buy

George: “Use your broom and dustpan, use your mop if it’s a hardwood floor. But if it’s a carpet, vacuum. Plungers you’ll need to use for the toilet if it clogs up.”

Amy: “You can, I can buy cheap cleaning supplies at the Dollar Twenty Five store.”

Lonney: “Clean up your apartment before anybody come over.”

Be cautious when using cleaning supplies with chemicals. Read and follow all directions indicated on the packaging. Know what your capabilities are and ask for help if you need it.


Glenn: “I have lived in apartments with pets, and I’ve lived in ones without. But you gotta clean up after them.”

Amy:“I’ve been an owner, a dog owner for six years. They need love, they need tlc, they need attention, they need support, and if they need to go on walks, pick up their poop. If you have like, a disability like me, if I have a service animal, I’ll have to pay for the animal deposit, extra.”

George: “Dogs, you’d have to walk. Cats, you just have to give them a litter box and they go into the litter box for you and then you have to do the scooper.”

We hope that the information and resources provided in this video have empowered you to take the next steps in finding the perfect home for yourself, your loved ones, or those you advocate for.

Remember, finding suitable housing is a process that requires patience, persistence and collaboration. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the organizations and support networks mentioned in this video as they are dedicated to assisting you on your housing quest.

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