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Notices You May Receive From Your Landlord

There are many different types of notices that you may receive from your landlord. These may be posted to your door, arrive in the mail, or be sent to you by e-mail. When you receive any notice from your landlord it is important that you open the message immediately and read the notice. If you do not understand what the notice says, ask either your landlord or someone you trust to tell you what it says.

Here are some of the most common types of notices you might receive from your landlord.

24 Hour notice to enter:

Landlords are required to give you a 24 hour notice before they enter your home. The notice will explain why they are entering. The two most common reasons why a landlord might need to enter your home is to inspection or to have maintenance workers fix something in your unit.

Notice to quit or pay rent:

This is a notice you will get if you do not pay your rent on time. This is not an eviction notice but could lead to an eviction if you do not pay the amount you owe.

Notice of rent increase:

Once a year, landlords are allowed to increase your rent. This notice will tell you the new amount of your rent and when you will need to start paying this new amount.

Notice of Lease Violations:

This type of notice will be sent when you have broken property rules or done something that is not allowed by your lease. It is very important that you read this type of notice carefully and understand what it says. This is not an eviction notice. This is a notice that you are doing something to violate your lease and must stop what you are doing in order to keep your housing. To prevent eviction, make sure you understand why the notice was given and what you need to do to keep your housing.

The three most important things to remember are:

  1. Read the notice immediately after you receive it.
  2. Ask for help in understanding what the notice says.
  3. Work to correct any things that are in violation of your lease.

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