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Living On Your Own

Things to know about food and cooking

Preparing, Cooking And Storing Food

Making food is an important part of living on your own and staying healthy. However, did you know that most house fires start in the kitchen? Many injuries, like cuts and burns, also very often happen while preparing food in the kitchen. Food can also spoil and may make you sick if you eat it. Here are some things to do to help you stay safe and healthy when preparing food for yourself at home:

  • Never leave cooking food alone in the kitchen.
  • Always set a timer to help keep food from burning.
  • Be careful with sharp utensils. Always keep the pointy end away from your body.
  • Think about using a steel mesh glove to avoid cuts when slicing food.
  • Take a cooking class to learn many helpful kitchen practices and healthy meals to cook!
  • Consider a microwave. Some people may find this a better way to cook than with a stove.
  • Refrigerate food that needs to be kept cool, like eggs, milk, cheese and leftovers.
  • Use air tight containers to store food. It will stay fresh longer and pests like ants won’t be able to get in.
  • Check regularly for food that has gone bad in you pantry, cupboards and refrigerator.

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