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Find Help Getting Out Of Homelessness

It is important to seek help and shelter if you are homeless. Think through your list of family and friends. Do you have any family or friends who would be willing to help you? If so, your best choice may be to ask for their help.

If you live in Lane County and do not have anyone who can help you, here are three local resources that may be able to help you find immediate shelter.

Call 211.

Start your ask for help by making this phone call! 211 case managers know about many different types of help available in Lane County. 211 can refer you to a wide variety of homeless services.

Find An Available Shelter Spot

In Lane County, you can find a list of available spots at local shelters by visiting the Homeless Shelters page at the Lane County website.

IDD In Lane County? Get Help!

If you are homeless in Lane County and experience an intellectual or developmental disability, help is here.

IDD Housing Help Quick Links

Homeless in Lane County? Experience an intellectual or developmental disability?