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2. How To Find And Apply For Housing

How To Apply For A Unit

Applying for the unit you have found

After you have found an available unit you will need to apply. Many landlords ask you to apply online. After you fill out your application, you will need to submit your application and pay the application fee.

Here are some tips in filling out an application.

  1. Apply immediately once you have found an available unit. Many people are looking for housing. You will need to move quickly. The first person who applies for a unit and is approved by the landlord is the person who will be offered the unit.
  2. Make sure you answer all of the questions on the application fully.
  3. If the landlord asks for a paper application, make sure to write your answers as neatly as possible. Ask for help if your writing is difficult to read.
  4. Do you have anything in your background that might cause a landlord to reject your application? Examples of this might be past bad credit and payment history, or past challenges with behaviors that may have resulted in a criminal charge or eviction. In these cases you can attach a letter explaining your past history and what has changed in your life to correct this issue.

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